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New Board Announcing...

First, they have appointed Arnie Guist, former CEO of Crocus Credit Union Limited, to head up the new, $175 million organization. Guist has over 35 years' experience in financial services, having spent 23 years in the Manitoba and Saskatchewan Credit Union systems, in addition to close to 15 years with a major Canadian chartered bank.

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Compass Credit Union Ltd.

Members can expect the same great service & staff

-just with a new name.

Let us help you plan today for tomorrow

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Together... we will be even better...

Together, we will be even better...
Crocus Credit & Erickson Credit Union shared philosophy...
There is the member, there is the credit union and there is our community. When we make the decisions we should be making, it shows we have the best interests of all three of those at the centre of our decision making process.

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