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Night Deposit, Money Orders, Certified Cheques, Safe Deposit Box, Travelers Cheques, U.S Drafts,  Primary Orders, Wire Transfers, Travel Insurance, Life Insurance, Fax/ Photocopy Services, Bill Payments, Direct Deposit, Automated Transfers & Payments, Stop Payments

Night Deposit

Allows after hours deposits.  Opened 8:30 am on all business days with funds credited to your account the day of opening.

Money Orders

Money orders are used for a variety of purposes. They are a guaranteed cheque, accepted readily as cash.  A money order comes in Canadian funds and can be purchased in amounts up to $1,000.  For your security, money orders can be traced it they are lost or stolen, and all money orders come with carbon receipts so you can keep track of your expenditures.

Certified Cheques

Some companies require a guaranteed cheque that eliminates the possibility of NSF cheques and stop payments.  We will guarantee that there are funds available for the cheque issued, by stamping the cheque “Certified Funds” and taking the funds out of your account to hold for the cheque to clear. The cheque is then as good as cash.  It is also safer than carrying a large amount of cash for payment.

Safe Deposit Box

Do you have valuable items in your home that you feel are not secure enough? Worried about robbery or damage? For mere pennies a day, Erickson Credit Union offers you use of safety deposit boxes. These boxes will store your precious items, protecting them from theft, fire, or any other hazard.

You always have access to your safety deposit box, to take out or put in anything you wish. When you rent your safety deposit box, a lease is signed, and at that time you can designate who can enter the box. ONLY the people noted on your lease have access to your box. You get two keys to your box, one which we recommend you keep at home in a safe place. In order to access your box, a master key is required, which is in the possession of Erickson Credit Union.

If you lose one of your keys, bring the other in to Erickson Credit Union immediately for duplication. If both keys are lost, the box must be drilled and the lock replaced. The cost of this expensive procedure is your responsibility.

We are unable to provide insurance on what you store in your safety deposit box as the contents are confidential and known only to you. If this is a concern, please contact your insurance agent to arrange coverage.

Travelers Cheques

For peace of mind while traveling purchase either Canadian or US Dollar Travelers Cheques when planning your trip.  Travelers Cheques may be purchased in lots of $20, $50, $100 or $500.

U.S Drafts

U.S Drafts are similar to travelers cheques except that they can be purchased in any denomination.  A US draft is available in American funds with no limit. Like money orders, US drafts can be traced if lost or stolen, and come with a carbon receipt for your records.

Foreign Currency Drafts

Drafts provide a means of providing payment in foreign currencies that should be readily accepted by foreign institutions.

Primary Orders

To allow secure payment of funds in a format that can only be negotiated by the party named on that order.  Intended for large withdrawals.

Wire Transfers

Travelling and find yourself in need of cash? Money can be wired to any financial institution you enter (Credit Unions are less expensive).  Within Canada, money can reach you in as little as 10 minutes to 2 hours (from credit union to credit union).  Money can also be wired to any part of the world that will accept funds, but expect a substantially longer wait depending on where you are requesting the money be sent. 

Travel Insurance

Feel secure knowing the unique coverage and service offered by the CUMIS Travel Insurance Program is designed just to meet the needs of credit union members.  Call 1-877-885-2847 to arrange coverage.  Please quote the credit union code 6480 when you call.

Life Insurance

Keeping your family free of debts and preventing financial hardship are important concerns that you may have in case something unpredictable should happen.  With CUIS Insurance and Canadian Premier Insurance, Erickson Credit Union offers a wide range of insurance products including Term Life Insurance, Credit Life, Credit Disability Insurance, Group Mortgage Protection, and Line of Credit Insurance.  See one of our lenders for more information.

Fax/ Photocopy Services

We offer facsimile and photocopying- both black and white and color copying to our members for a reasonable service fee.

Bill Payments

Life is busy.  To make bill payments as easy as possible, we offer 3 different ways to pay your bills:
  • In Person- Come into our branch and pay your bills over the counter with one of our tellers.
  • Member Direct®- Pay your bills online with our secure internet banking site.  It allows you to pay your bills any time day or night.  Once you register in branch for Member Direct®, click on the Member Direct® link on our website for bill payments and all other banking needs.

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit simplifies your life. Having your pay cheque deposited directly into your account eliminates the need to travel to ERICKSON CREDIT UNION, leaving you more time for the things that you enjoy. It also eliminates you worrying about the possibility of losing your pay cheque.

ERICKSON CREDIT UNION only needs your authorization to deposit your pay cheque directly to your account and you can further direct us how you want your pay deposited to your various accounts. Call to obtain correct banking info to set this up.
With Direct Deposit you can also electronically deposit federal government, pension cheques, Child Tax Benefits or GST cheques directly into your credit union account.
What could be easier or more convenient? Between Direct Deposit, and MEMBER DIRECT® Direct Internet Banking, you are set to handle all of your finances at your convenience with ERICKSON CREDIT UNION. And don't forget that your money is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with your MEMBER CARD® Debit Card at ATMs.

Automated Transfers & Payments

Member can arrange to have funds transferred automatically from one account to another on a regular basis. Your mortgage or loan payment can also be automatically withdrawn from your account, saving you time and energy.  This is also an excellent way to set up a “pay yourself first” savings plan.

Stop Payments

Stop payments allow members to block the cashing of a cheque.  This applies to two kinds of cheque transactions:
  • If a member has purchased an item from a store, and upon arriving home discovers that the merchandise is defective, the member can put a stop payment on the cheque issued to ensure it will not be processed before he or she returns the merchandise
  • If a cheque is issued to somebody and it is lost or stolen, you can put a stop payment on that cheque and issue another cheque in its place. The initial cheque upon which the stop payment has been placed will not be cashed by the credit union.


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