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Expanding our Partnership with CRI Canada…providers of Creditor Insurance Programs
 4 New Supplemental Insurance Products 
  • A Dedicated Call Centre is available to answer product questions and enrollment information over the telephone
    • 1-855-553-5699

What is Universal Accident Insurance?

  • Provides cash benefits in the event of an accident where hospitalization occurs, as well as cash benefits in the event of accidental death or disability
  • Family coverage available to cover member’s spouse and dependent children
  • Benefit amounts vary depending on manner the location accident occurs (in or out of Canada)
  • Acceptance is guaranteed
  • 60 Day “Free Look” , we pay the premiums!

Key features

  • Ages 18 – 80
  • No Health Questions
  • Death Benefits:
    • Common Carrier: $1,000,000
    • Motor Vehicle: $150,000
    • All Other: $100,000
  • Hospital Indemnity:
    • In Canada - $150 per day
    • US, Mexico, or Caribbean - $1,000 per day
    • Permanent and total disability coverage of $25,000
  • Disability coverage terminates at age 65, while Accidental Death and hospital benefits reduce by 50% at age 70

What is Cancer Insurance?

  • Assists a member or family in the event they are diagnosed with cancer
  • Eligible for credit union members and their spouses, along with unmarried children aged 19-23 who are full time students
  • Lump sum benefit is paid upon diagnosis
  • A daily benefit is paid while covered person is hospitalized or is receiving treatment or hospice care
  • Guaranteed acceptance for enrolment providing no prior diagnosis of cancer
  • 60 Day “Free Look” , we pay the premiums!

Key features

  • Ages 18 – 64
  • Benefits Include:
    • $5,000 upon diagnosis of cancer
    • $200 per day for hospitalization due to cancer
    • $100 per day during cancer treatment
    • $100 per day during hospice care
  • Rates based on age of primary insured and single or family coverage
  • Coverage does not terminate due to age, however benefits reduce by 50% when the covered person reaches age 65 or 5 years after the effective date, whichever is later

What is Graded Benefit Life Insurance?

  • Provides protection for members aged 50 - 75 where life insurance is out of their price range or hard to obtain
  • Accidental death coverage from day 1 of coverage – three times benefit amount for accidental death
  • Benefits payable for any cause of death following two years of coverage
  • Guaranteed acceptance – no medical exam or health questions
Key features
  • Ages 50 – 75
  • Coverage amounts of $5,000, $10,000 or $20,000
  • Rates based on age of member
  • Premiums will never increase due to age or health status

What is Critical Illness Insurance?

  • Pays member a lump sum benefit of $50,000 upon first diagnosis of a covered cancer, heart attack, stroke or paralysis
  • Benefit received is tax free and member can use however they see fit
  • Eligible for credit union members aged 18-65
  • Simple one page health questionnaire required for application
Key features
  • Ages 18 – 65
  • Rates based on age of member and smoking status
  • Coverage is not guaranteed until review of one page health questionnaire is completed and approved


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