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The "mortgage payment schedule" simulation calculates the payment required to amortize a mortgage loan and prepares a repayment schedule of principal and interest. It also determines an effective rate of interest.

You can display either a blended mortgage payment schedule that displays principal and interest together. Or, you can display a mortgage payment schedule that shows principal and compounding of interest separately. In this method, payments go toward the principal amount and accrued interest is added to the principal at the compounding periods only.

This simulation allows you to display a mortgage payment schedule for any year within your amortization period.


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Report Fraudulent Activity

If you receive an email about an Interac e-Transfer from someone you don’t know or that you suspect is fraudulent, do not respond and forward it to

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When you use your debit card, purchases are protected if broken or stolen, and their warranties are extended. A unique benefit for credit union members!

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