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Start a Registered TAX FREE SAVINGS!

A TFSA allows taxpayers to set money aside in eligible investment vehicles and watch those savings grow tax-free throughout their lifetime.  There are no restrictions on the way the funds may be used.  Have your TAX FREE SAVINGS set up and arrange for preauthorized transfers.  Easy as 1-2-3.
The TFSA Contribution Limit for 2015 is $5,500.

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Defend Yourself From FRAUD...

Some Additional Tips To Protect Your Personal Information While Online
  • Use A Multi-Character, Alpha-Numeric Password No Less than 8 Characters Long.
  • Change Your Passwords Frequently and Regularly.
  • Do NOT Use The Same Password For Different Applications.

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Skimming - It Can Affect any FI's Card...

Some Manitoba Credit Union members had funds illegally withdrawn from their accounts over the weekend. The losses are the result of a debit card-skimming scheme in which card information is stolen from the magnetic stripe, along with the personal access number (PIN). Criminals then replicate the cards and withdraw money in sprees at remote locations. Skimming is not specific to any one financial institution’s debit cards but is specific to where consumers use their debit card and can affect credit union members and customers of banks and other financial institutions.
To mitigate the potential to be victimized by skimming or other types of card fraud, consumers can protect themselves by regularly changing their Personal Identification Number (PIN) and by shielding the pinpad when entering their PIN.

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Using Erickson Credit Union Will you or do you continue to use Erickson Credit Union if you do not live in the area?