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Tax Time & Notice of Assessments

Your NOA is an important document?

Your Notice of Assessment is the 5 page document that the government sends you once your tax return has been filed and processed. This document shows your annual income, tax credits, etc. along with the RRSP deduction limit statement.

Hold onto your NOA and Keep it in a Safe Place 

This document can be used to verify income for a mortgage or loan. It is needed to verify income if rent is income based.
It also verifies that taxes are filed and and there is no taxes owing to CRA. It is especially important for self-employed individuals to verify income. It is an important reference document.



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On behalf of Manitoba Credit Unions, CRI Canada is pleased to introduce the Learning Grant Program which will award 4 Learning Grants in the amounts of $1000 to eligible students for full-time study at qualifying Canadian college or university in 2017.  Contact Maryann for further information at 204-636-6190.

Visit the learn more link to obtain a copy of the application form and to submit required accomplishments electronically.

Applications must be received by April 29, 2017


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BUYER PROTECTION & Extended Warranty on CU Member Card & CUETS Credit Card Purchases

How does the program work? 
It’s simple. When you use your Credit Union Debit Card for an Interac* Direct Payment purchase or your CUETS Credit Card, you are protected with the following benefits:
This coverage offers protection on most retail items.  If your purchase is stolen, dropped or broken or even consumed in a fire.
The Program can double the warranty period of a purchased item.
*Chequing Accounts Too!
 Inquire further in branch today!


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Anticipated Household Purchases What kind of purchases is your household planning in the next four months?